Client Management System vs Quality Management System

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We’ve put together a comparison of a Client Management System (CMS) and Quality Management System (CMS). Disability service providers require both these systems to manage quality and compliance, help the business operate efficiently and meet clients’ needs.

Before we get into a comparison, here’s what is typically included in each system:


Client Management System 


A CMS assists providers with:

  • shift scheduling and rostering
  • care management including tracking participant goals and support needs
  • managing and communicating with staff
  • billing and invoicing
  • planning, monitoring, and reporting on funding
  • document storage for items such as updates, care plans and staff records.


Quality Management System


A QMS assists providers to:

  • document policies, processes, and responsibilities for achieving quality objectives
  • identify risks, conduct risk assessments and assign controls to mitigate risks
  • capture and address client feedback and complaints
  • train employees so they understand policies and processes and do the right thing
  • schedule, facilitate, and monitor internal audits
  • coordinate an organisation’s activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements
  • centralise the management of continuous improvement activity across the organisation.


Here’s a comparison of the features in each system
Document storage
Incident management ◯ *
Complaints management ◯ **
Scheduling and task management
Care management
Policy and Procedure management
Internal audit
Risk management
Knowledge Testing
Feedback management
Continuous improvement


✅ - Feature included in system

◯ - Optional feature in system

* Incident management may allow employees to log incidents in relation to participants, but not organisational incidents

** Complaints management feature may allow employees to log complaints only from participants

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