Meet and exceed aged care standards with Centro AGED CARE

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Our Team is excited to announce the launch of Centro AGED CARE.  

The introduction of major changes to the Aged Care Standards has changed the compliance landscape for providers. Many providers lack the time and resources to follow the new requirements, stay on top of changes and prepare for assessor visits. 

At Centro ASSIST, we are passionate about simplifying compliance to support our customers to efficiently achieve best practice compliance. Our Team has helped thousands of NDIS businesses to meet and exceed their quality and compliance requirements, and we’re excited to now do the same for Aged Care providers. 

Centro AGED CARE empowers new and existing providers to meet and exceed compliance requirements with our best-in-class Quality and Compliance solution for Aged Care providers. 

Meet aged care standards with confidence

We don’t see policy and process as a formality that should sit in handbooks collecting dust. These are a critical part of your business that we want to help you bring to life.  

Developed by experts to meet and exceed best practice for the Aged Care Standards, written and presented simply for staff to understand. We have ready-made, compliant policies and processes to cover the standards for residential care, home care and retirement living.  

Customise and add new documents using simple document control workflows.  


Client care comes first; let us take care of the rest

Our expert team provide timely updates as regulatory and legislative requirements change. Our comprehensive updates include revisions to existing policy and process, new policies and processes, guides, documents and more.  

Notify and track staff acknowledgement of changes as updates are made. Spend less time on tracking and making changes and more time focusing on caring for your clients.  


Whether you’re an established Aged Care provider, or interested in becoming an approved provider, Centro AGED CARE supports your business to comply, save time, reduce risk, and improve. 


Centro AGED CARE Key Features: 

  • 90+ policies 
  • Incidents 
  • 50+ processes 
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Document control 
  • Feedback and Complaints 
  • Self-assessments 
  • Regulation Mapping 
  • Risk Management 
  • Ongoing Updates 

 Book in a demo with our team to learn more about Centro AGED CARE. 

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