A positive approach to complaints handling for Aged Care Providers

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Aged care providers make every effort to ensure they provide high-quality care and services to the elderly. It’s important to capture feedback and complaints in a systematic fashion when running a customer centric business. When problems arise, it’s critical that people can express their concerns in a constructive and secure manner. A good complaints handling system should ideally:

  • Help gain insights into the needs and wants of clients
  • Address minor issues before they escalate and become risks
  • Allow issues to be dealt with promptly, effectively and sustainably 
  • Enhance the ongoing relationship between the care provider and the client, their family and other stakeholders involved
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of the service delivery

What is a positive approach to complaints handling?

Your approach towards complaints and resolution can have a significant impact on client satisfaction. A positive attitude and a commitment to resolving complaints can lead to noticeable improvement in client satisfaction. 

Looking at complaints as an opportunity to improve systems and services can help providers nurture a healthy workplace culture, that takes away the focus from ‘who is to blame’ and bring attention towards ‘what improvements are needed moving forward.’ 

Promoting a positive approach to complaints management can include:

  • Adopting a continuous improvement model that looks at complaints as learning opportunities
  • Engaging with clients and their representatives for ongoing feedback
  • Encouraging collaboration to find resolution in a transparent and timely manner, that gives everyone a voice
  • Using the complaints to derive insights for improving and developing risk management, staff development and service delivery systems
  • Recording and documenting all complaints, comments, suggestions, problems and compliments – no matter how minor they are, they can all contribute towards improving the service

Remember that at the heart of any complaint is a person receiving care, so having a positive approach and looking at the complaints from a place of empathy and understanding can help staff communicate effectively with complainants.

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