Do Your Policies and Procedures Meet Your Requirements?

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Here are a few ‘Critical’ indicators that your policies and procedures need to be reviewed and updated: 

  • An increase in the number of accidents, higher failure rates, or expensive overruns 
  • More staff inquiries about ‘normal operations,’ or a general sense of confusion within a department or division. 
  • Employees may also exhibit inconsistency in their job performance, and stress levels in the workforce may be rising. 
  • Customers’ complaints are increasing. 

The Advantages of Policies and Procedures 

Now that we have a better understanding of policies and procedures, let us look at the main advantages they provide. 

  • Employees understand the constraints of their job without having to rely on ‘trial and error,’ because key points are visible in well-written policies and procedures. 
  • Policies and procedures help employees understand their individual and team responsibilities, saving time and resources. Everyone is on the same page; employees can quickly and easily get the “official” word on how they should go about their tasks. 
  • Managers can exercise control by exception rather than micro-managing their staff when policies and procedures are written. 
  • They send a message that the company wants each and every employee to be successful in their jobs, as their roles, and responsibilities are all well-documented and have relevant policies associated with them in place 
  • Legal protection is provided by clearly written policies and procedures. The ‘common person’ standard is used by juries. If written enough for outsiders to understand, the company will have a stronger legal foundation if challenged in court. 

Are you looking to expand your business without significantly increasing your burden of employee management responsibilities? If you answered yes, we recommend reviewing and implementing an effective quality management system. 

We understand that keeping your policies and procedures up to date with changes to NDIS or Aged Care regulations can be difficult and time-consuming. At Centro ASSIST, our team of experts regularly reviews changes to regulations and publishes easy to follow implementation guides. Better yet, the changes can be automatically applied to your organisation’s web-app.  

Schedule a Centro QMS free demo today and take the digital leap. 

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