Risk Management

A simple way to report risk, compliance, incidents and improvements. Take a proactive approach with a tool that helps organise, plan, measure and mitigate risk.

The NDIS Practice Standards require providers to have a risk management system in place in order to protect participants, workers, general public and the business itself from harm. 

Our Risk Management software can help identify, assess and control risks in a planned and systematic manner.   

No more spreadsheets.

Update. Attach. Monitor. Action.

Update in real-time

Add comments as they happen. Operate in real-time with total version control. Maintain an audit trail with the latest documentation in play.

Attach evidence

Upload documentation to support actions. These may include videos, emails, recordings, just to name a few.

Monitor and review incidents

Set up resolution dates and times for monitoring and review process. Assign accountabilities either a single resource or group. 

Action items

With the continuous improvement register you can create a detailed action plan and that’s evidence-based.

Get solid results across your risk assessment model