Risk Management

A simple way to report risk, compliance, incidents and improvements. Take a proactive approach with a tool that helps organise, plan, measure and mitigate risk.

NDIS and Aged Care providers are required to have risk management systems that help them identify and assess WHS, participant/consumer and organisational risks. If risks are found, providers are expected to implement ways to reduce or remove risks using various controls. 

Our Risk Management software module can help identify, assess and control risks in a planned and systematic manner.    

Say goodbye to spreadsheets with our easy to use risk management features

Build risk registers

Our risk register comes with over 40 risks, each containing an introduction, common causes and potential impacts. Modify these risks to suit your organisation or add new risks to the register.  

Conduct risk assessments

Assess the likelihood and consequence of your organisation’s risks, with and without controls.

Get solid results across your risk assessment model

Monitor and report

Add next review dates so you don’t miss your next risk review. Download the registers for further analysis and reporting

Add controls

Add controls that are either in place or need to be implemented in order to reduce or remove the risk.

Continuous improvement 

Record improvements from risk reviews in the improvements register