Voluntary out-of-home care is an arrangement between a parent and an organisation for their child to receive overnight care away from their usual home.

In NSW, organisations that provide or arrange voluntary out-of-home care must be registered with the Office of the Children’s Guardian and comply with the statutory procedures for voluntary out-of-home care. 

That’s where we come in…

At Centro QMS, we’re passionate about using technology to simplify compliance with the NSW statutory procedures for voluntary out-of-home care and its underlying regulations. Our unique service offering is made up of 3 pillars – content, software and ongoing assistance:


Our content includes a comprehensive range of ready-made policies, processes, forms and templates mapped to the statutory procedures and underlying regulations. The content has been developed and refined by industry experts.


Our award-winning software is a cloud-based web application used by out-of-home care providers to manage compliance. Teams benefit from having easy-to access policies, processes, knowledge testing, incident reporting, internal auditing and more, all in the one place.



Our expert team is on hand to assist with migration and implementation. They also provide comprehensive content updates as regulatory and legislative requirements change. Updates include revisions to existing content, new policies and processes, guides, documents and more.

Get to know an intuitive, integrated quality management system designed for NDIS providers

11 pre-set quizzes to test employees on policies and processes, and the ability to make your own. Easily track completion to ensure compliance.

Employees can enter feedback with notifications sent to managers. Managers can review, assign actions and track the status. 

A simple way to report risk, compliance, incidents and improvements. Take a proactive approach with a tool that helps organise, plan, measure and mitigate risk.

Easily manage and track your internal compliance. Schedule internal audits, assign tasks and record evidence.